How to get your board on is a frontend for you need to make a pull Request there.

How to Make a Pull Request on GitHub

Fork the Repo: Navigate to the GitHub page and click the 'Fork' button at the top right to create a copy under your account.
Clone Your Fork: Use the git clone command with your fork's URL to clone it to your local machine.
git clone
Create a New Branch: Change into your repository's directory and create a new branch for your changes.
cd the-repository
git checkout -b your-branch-name
Make Your Changes: Open the files in your editor, make your changes, and save them.
Commit Your Changes: Stage and commit your changes to your branch.
git add .
git commit -m 'A descriptive message about your changes'
Push Your Changes: Push your branch and changes to GitHub.
git push origin your-branch-name
Create the Pull Request (PR): Go to the original repository on GitHub, click 'Pull requests' > 'New pull request' > 'compare across forks', select your fork and the branch with your changes, and click 'Create pull request' to submit.